Sylvie Duvernoy

Sylvie Duvernoy is an architect, graduated at Paris University in 1982.

She later participated in the Ph. D. program of the Architecture School of Florence University and was awarded the Italian degree of "Dottore di Ricerca" in 1998.

She currently teaches architectural drawing at the architecture faculty of Ferrara University, and gives lectures at the Ph.D. program at the architecture faculty of Florence University.

The researches brought along since the beginning of the post-graduate studies, mainly focus on the reciprocal influences between graphic mathematics and architecture. Architecture history shows that geometry and its related aesthetic symbolism were always present, hidden in architectural and urban design from antiquity to modern times. The way they were involved and the strength with which they were claimed, vary according to historical periods. These relationships have always been expressed by the means of the drawing: the major and unavoidable tool of the design process.

The results of her studies were published and communicated in several international meetings and reviews.

She is actually contributing editor (for book reviews) of the Nexus Network Journal: a peer-reviewed journal about relationships between mathematics and architecture, and co-organizer of the Nexus biennial conferences.

Beside the research and teaching, she always had a private professional activity. After having worked for a few years in the Parisian office of an international Swiss architecture firm, she is now partner of an associate office in Florence, whose design works cover a wide range of design problems, from remodeling and restoration to new constructions, in Italy and abroad. She has participated at every Nexus conference since 2000.