Nexus 2010 Logo Design Competition

The 2010 edition of the Nexus conference on architecture and mathematics included a competition for the logo. The conference logo will appear on the website, on all printed announcements and posters concerning the conference, and on all conference material, and a special webpage on the conference website will provide space for the winning designer to explain the concept and process behind the creation of the logo. The winner of the competition will receive a set of publications. All competition entries will appear on a website. A selection of the best entries will be on exhibit in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto during the Nexus 2010 conference.

The logo should capture the "nexus" of architecture and mathematics, the interdisciplinary subject of the Nexus conferences. Ideally it should refer to at least one of the themes of the special sessions of this conference. While past logos have mainly referred to a historic or traditional interpretation of the Nexus theme, we particularly encourage designs that interpret this theme in a contemporary, computer-oriented key. References to the conference venue in Porto are also appreciated.

The Winning Design for the Nexus 2010 Logo Competition

Nexus 2010 Logo by Gonçalo Azevedo

Past Conference Logos

Nexus 1996: Design by Kim Williams

Nexus 1998: Design by Kim Williams

Nexus 2000: Design by Kim Williams

Nexus 2002: Design by Mark Reynolds

Nexus 2004: Design by Mark Reynolds

Nexus 2006: Design by ISA-Monza

Nexus 2008: Design by Sylvie Duvernoy


Nominated for Special Mention

Antony Wong

Biagio Di Carlo

Ava Tsoi

Samta Shah

Francesco Serafini


2010 Design Competition Entries

Sherine Wahba

Sherine Wahba

Sherine Wahbe

Sherine Wahba

Paul Kennedy

Peter Hugo McClure

Gonçalo Azevedo

Eka Swadiansa

John de Pillis

Gonçalo Bruno

Sajed Mahmoudi

Sajed Mahmoudi

Fábio Madeira

Peter To

Edward May

Ching Fung Yip

Tommy Ng

Sun Chan

Samta Shah

Hardy Ho

Robert Kirkbride

Ville Iisakki Rautianinen

Samta Shah

Jerry Mejia

Jerry Mejia


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