Diogo 02Corresponding Editor, Nexus Network Journal

Areas of study: theory of architecture, architectural and urban project, music, and architecture
Geographic area: Europe

Alessandra Capanna is Aggregate Professor and Researcher of Architectural and Urban Project in Design Studio and Theory of Architecture courses at Sapienza University of Roma. She earned her degree in Architecture in 1988 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza, where in 1997 she obtained her PhD in “Architectural Composition and Theory of Architecture”, with a research entitled “Mathematical structures in composition. Architecture and Music Paradigms.
Her research interests are in the field of architectural, urban and landscape design with a specific focus on sound-space aspects deriving from mathematical concepts.

She has published several works and papers, presented conferences and lectures. Among the main publications are: "Music and Architecture. A cross between inspiration and method", Nexus Network Journal 11 (2009) pp. 257-272, “Conoids and Hyperbolic Paraboloids in Le Corbusier's Philips Pavilion” and “BiOrganic Design. A New Method for Architecture and the City” - Nexus Conference 2000 and 2006;Limited, unlimited, uncompleted. Towards the space of 4-d architecture” and “Sergio Musmeci. Forms with no name and anti-polyhedrons” APLIMAT - Bratislava 2011 and 2012; “The House in four Dimensions is a Theorem” - Nexus Network Journal 22, (2020) pp. 45–59.




Dr. Alessandra Capanna, PhD
DiAP Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto
Università di Roma “La Sapienza”
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