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Corresponding Editor, Nexus Network Journal
Area of study: descriptive geometry, visualization of architecture, development of spatial visualization abilities, geometry and architectural design methods, structural thinking, philosophical background of architecture, relationships between mathematics, art and architecture

Geographic area: Western Europe

Cornelie Leopold teaches and researches in the field of architectural geometry at FATUK, Faculty of Architecture, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany, in the position as academic director and head of the section Descriptive Geometry and Perspective. She received her degree in Mathematics, Philosophy and German Philology at University of Stuttgart, Germany, with specializations in Geometry and Philosophy (Semiotics, Aesthetics, Logic and Philosophy of Science). She is member of the Editorial Board of the Journal for Geometry and Graphics and of the Scientific Committee of the Journal Disegno of UID - Unione Italiano Disegno. She was founding President of the ”Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geometrie und Grafik” (DGfGG). She is a former member of the Board Committee of the “International Society for Geometry and Graphics” (ISGG) as Director for Europe / Near East / Africa.
She has participated with lectures and reviews in many international conferences and journals. In the past years, she had been guest lecturer in Krakow, Istanbul, Milano, Porto, Venezia and Buenos Aires. In 2017, she was Visiting Professor at Università Iuav di Venezia.
Her research results had been published in conference papers, books and articles, including the NNJ: Sound-Sights - An Interdisciplinary Project (vol. 8, 1 (2006), pp. 123-131); Precise Experiments: Relations between Mathematics, Philosophy and Design at Ulm School of Design (vol. 15, 2 (2013), pp. 363–380); The Development of the Geometric Concept of Relief Perspective (forthcoming in vol. 21 (2019)).
Her book Geometrische Grundlagen der Architekturdarstellung, first appeared in 1999 and was re-published 2015 in the 5th extended edition by Springer.
In 2018 she was part of the Conference Chairs Team of RCA, Research Culture in Architecture - International Conference on Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, organized and hosted by FATUK - Faculty of Architecture, TU Kaiserslautern.

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Cornelie Leopold
FATUK – Faculty of Architecture
Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
Pfaffenbergstrasse 95
67663 Kaiserslautern GERMANY
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