CalvoLopez EB2019Corresponding Editor, Nexus Network Journal

Research interests: History of construction, history of spatial representation, architectural proportion
Geographic area: Western Europe

José Calvo-López is a Full Professor in the Architecture and Building Technology Department at Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, where he teaches History of Architecture and Construction and Preindustrial Construction Techniques. He has been Dean of the School of Architecture, director of the Masters’ degree in Architectural Heritage and of the Doctoral program in Architecture and Building Engineering. He received his degree in architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid where he also completed his Ph.D. dissertation on Renaissance stonecutting techniques in 2000. He has published research papers on stonecutting, stereotomy, spatial representation and architectural proportion on such journals as Archivo Español de Arte, Construction History, Nexus Network Journal, Informes de la Construcción and International Journal of Architectural Heritage. He has participated in seminars and given lectures at the Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftgeschichte, Centre Alexandre Koyré (CNRS), Centre d’Etudes Superieurs de la Renaissance (CNRS), Università di Palermo, Escuela de Patrimonio Histórico de Nájera, University of Texas at Austin, Università IUAV, Politecnico di Torino and University of Liverpool. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of Revista EGA and Construction History and of the Scientific Committees of several congresses and conferences in the fields of Construction History, Artistic Theory and Literature and Architectural Drawing. His latest book project is Stereotomy, in the book series “Mathematics and the Built Environment”, has been recently published by Springer Nature..

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José Calvo López
Departamento de Arquitectura y Tecnología de la Edificación
Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
Ps. Alfonso XIII, 50. 30203 Cartagena (Spain)
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