PourAhmadi EB2019Corresponding Editor, Nexus Network Journal

Areas of study: Design research, Islamic architecture, Architectural regulations
Geographical Area: Middle East (Iran)

Dr. Mojtaba Pour Ahmadi is an assistant professor in the University of Guilan (Iran). He has a MSc. in architecture from the University of Tehran (2006) and received a PhD in Architecture from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) in 2016. His PhD studies were concentrated on the performance of building regulations in the architectural design process which united his concerns as a teacher of architectural design in university and his experience as an instructor and building regulations official in the Iran Construction Engineering Organization (IRCEO). Besides ‘architectural design studio’, he teaches ‘history of architecture’ and ‘design research’ in university. His research interests focus on design-related issues in Islamic architecture, design research, and the interplay of architectural design and regulations. His publications cover these three themes. He is the author of the book “Architecture & Ethics” (2010, in Persian). Two papers have been published by him in the NNJ: A Basic Method for Naming Persian Karbandis Using a Set of Numbers (16(2), 313-343) and A Geometrical Analysis of the Mausoleum of Sheikh Zāhed-e Gīlāni (14(2), 391-406). As a reviewer he contributes to a number of architecture journals in Iran..

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Mojtaba Pour-Ahmadi
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Rasht, Iran

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