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Areas of study: mathematics, history of mathematics
Geographic area: Europe

Snezana Lawrence is interested in the creativity, identity, and engagement in the learning of mathematics, and is a mathematical historian. She is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Design Engineering, Middlesex University.

Snezana is involved in various national and international initiatives to promote the use of the history of mathematics in mathematics education. She is on the Council of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, is an editorial board member of Mathematics Today and is the Associate Editor of the BJHM (British Journal for the History of Mathematics), and is the Education Council member of the same Society. Snezana writes a regular column for Mathematics Today and is the author of A New Year’s Present from a Mathematician (Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2019).

Snezana Lawrence on ResearchGate

Snezana Lawrence on Twitter @mathshistory, @snezanalawrence

Snezana's website: www.mathsisgoodforyou.com


Dr. Snezana Lawrence
Middlesex University
Design Engineering and Maths
London, UK
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