All material submitted to the NNJ is reviewed and edited by Kim Williams, editor-in-chief, and other editors as required before publication. Bbiliographies, references and endnotes will be reformatted in accordance with NNJ standards. Special attention is given to language usage and grammar and technical terms, but changes may also be made in paper titles, section titles, etc. Every effort will be made so that no changes are effected without the author's approval. Authors will be sent galleys of their papers in which editorial corrections/suggestions are made clearly evident so that the author is aware of the changes made. When the author signs the "Authorization to Publish" form before publication, he/she acknowledges that all changes have been seen and approved.

Before any paper can be published, all authors must submit a signed "Contributor's Authorization to Publish" form. By signing this form, the author states that publication of his/her paper and the images contained do not violate the copyrights of third parties (for instance, photographers); that permission has been obtained and necessary fees paid for reproduction of images and other material; that the author has been made aware of and approved all editorial changes (such as titles and formatting changes to notes and references); and that the authors releases Kim Williams Books from all responsibility if disputes arise from publication of the paper (such as disputes over rights to reproduction). The "Contributor's Authorization to Publish" form will be sent to all authors when galleys are sent for approval.

To view the "Contributor's Authorization to Publish" form, click here.