02 2016 Croce lg

Valeria Croce
Via Marx, 144
56017 San Giuliano Terme (PI), Italy

The idea for the logo originates from the recovery of an illustration by Francesco di Giorgio Martini (Siena, September 1439 - Siena, November 29, 1501, an Italian architect, painter and engineer), contained in his Trattato di Architettura, a large work that comes from the study of mechanics and geometry and the survey of classical monuments, and which in its composition reflects the organization chart of the work of Vitruvius.
Human figure and geometry become harmonious and proportional reference in the work of Francesco di Giorgio Martini: the elementary geometric forms and the human body are used to bring to the proportional study of the architectural order. The drawing below refers to the analysis of the geometric and compositional structure in relation to the author's thought on the ideal geometries, in particular on the triangle shape.
In an initial study phase which precedes the construction, the architect investigates with the drawing tools all possible solutions for designing the shape, drawing from the classical tradition and using a set of geometric, proportional and dimensional rules, in order to harmonize elements.