11 2016 Masnour lg

Sarah Masnour
Alexandria, Egypt

It’s a very simple logo. The design stimuli came from the architecture and mathematics and their solid bond to the universe. In the logo design, you will find the black circle which represents the universe, the yellow cone is for the form of architecture as a tower, and the circle in its downward is simply like the one existed in the FOUNTAIN PEN, as the main task for Nexus is to publish as that’s to indicate your authenticity. The letter “X” I chose to be like the multiplication sign in Mathematics, so it's a reference to your other area of specialization adding to architecture. I liked to add a verbal slogan inspired from the word NEXUS:
NE: Never
X (Multiplication ): Times sign in Math
US: Us
To be : Never Times Us..... Which simply means don't plan, schedule, or arrange us as we are unexpected and unique .... and Times equal to the Multiplication and the Verb.