18 2016 Inceoglu lg

Mehmet Inceoglu
Anadolu University
Faculty of Architecture and Design
Department of Architecture
Iki Eylul Campus
Eskisehir, Turkiye

Mardin's date of birth is based on the year 3000 BC, so the city "where the living solved math" will not be wrong to describe it as. The pictures of the characters of the word “nexus” is of Mardin. The picture in the main text "kundekari" called octagon, pentagon, of small pieces of wood cut in geometric shapes like a star without the help of nails and glue the woodwork only be obtained by pasting to each other. The best examples of “kundekari” 12th century Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Anatolia prevailing in the Turkish-Islamic architecture and art in the next century is only seen in Anatolia (until the 16th century).