There will be no Ph.D. Day at Nexus 2016 in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain. 

We are now organising a dedicated Nexus Ph.D. Day for  2017, with a poster session and a publication, in order to give recent Ph.Ds and current Ph.D. candidates an opportunity to share and publish the results of their research. The event will probably take place in Milan, under the direction of Prof. Michela Rossi, with Kim Williams and Sylvie Duvernoy coordinating the publication.

Details will be announced as plans develop.

At the Nexus Network Journal, co-published by Kim Williams Books and Birkhäuser, we care about making sure that the research published in our journal is as widely circulated as possible. That is why we have a policy of restricting material to subscribers only for a short time, and releasing earlier articles to all interested readers. I am pleased to say that as of now, all material from vols. 1 to 13 is now open access.

Please visit the NNJ on the Springer platform at: 

and browse these 13 volumes to find the articles that most interest you. You can search by keywords or authors, or visit the Tables of Contents. You can also sign up for the "Table of Contents Alert" so that you'll receive an email from Springer each  time a new issue of the NNJ appears. Happy reading!

Fantastic news for the NNJ: The impact factor (IF) for 2016 is 0.488, more than triple the 2015 impact factor of 0.157! 

We now have an h-index of 9, up from last year's value of 8.

Congratulations to all NNJ authors for their valuable contributions to our journal, and thank you to all of our peer reviewers who generously donate their time and expertise to keep our level of scholarship the highest possible.

See the NNJ on SciMago and on the Springer website.


Our new online platform for articles submission is operative as of Friday, 16 May 2014.

The Nexus Network Journal, in collaboration with Springer, our publishing partner, has implementing the new Editorial Manager for our journal. EM will allow us to receive submissions, assess proposals and assign reviewers in an efficient and timely manner. 

To make your submission, please go the Nexus Network Journal Editorial Manager,

There you will find information about the NNJ, instructions for authors, an author tutorial and other information. You will need to register to create a username and password before submitting.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

Good news for the NNJ: our 2012 impact factor was .079. It nearly doubled in 2013. The newly released impact factor for 2014 remains high, 0.143 !! Congratulations to all NNJ authors for their valuable contributions to our journal.


One of the databases hosting this information is SCImago Journal and Country Rank.

SCImago Journal & Country Rank


For SCImago NNJ was ranked "Q2" in the category of "Architecture" for 2014 (no. 22 out of 83 journals), and "Q1" in the category of Visual and Performing Arts (38 out of 388). Click on the link to see more:

Many people have told us that they did not hear about our Call for Papers for Nexus 2014 until they received the second announcement, so we have decided to extend the deadline for submission of abstracts.

The 10th international, interdisciplinary Nexus conference for architecture and mathematics will take place 9-12 June 2014 in Ankara, Turkey, hosted by the Department of Architecture of Middle East Technical University.

The new deadline for submission of Abstracts 15 April 2013

Click here to download the Call for Papers

All details regarding the Call for Papers for Nexus 2014 are available on the website of the Nexus Network Journal.

We are looking forward to to receiving many abstracts, and to a wonderful conference in Ankara!

The following announcement also appears on the Facebook page of the Nexus conferences. Check us out at:

The VII International Mathematics & Design Conference M&D-2013 has announced a Call for Papers. The Conference, directed by Vera Spinadel, will take place on September 02-06, 2013, in at the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo of the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, in Tucumán Argentina.

The objective of this conference is to convoke designers and scientists from differents fields of knowledge, interested in the active interaction between Mathematics, Art and Design. There exists an enormous wealth of experiences not only in Architecture and Engineering but also in Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Textil Design, Light and Sound Design, Art Design, etc. It is important that the experts in some of these fields meet together to interchange their results and projects, transmitting their knowledge for the benefit of professionals and specially of students at different learning stages.

The deadline for the reception of the abstracts (maximum of 300 words) of the communications is March 30, 2013. The answer about the acceptance will be sent before April 30, 2013.

All information is available on the Conference website:

Web page:

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (International Mathematics & Design Association)

Nexus Network Journal Editorial Board Member Vera W. de Spinadel has been promoted to Full Emerit Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban planning, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Many of you already know Prof. Spinadel's committment to relationships between art and sciences, because she is the founder and director of the Asociación Internacional de Matemática y Diseño.

The VII International Conference for Mathematics and Design "M&D-2013" will take place 2-6 September 2013 at the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina. Details about this important meeting can be found on the Association's website:

Many, many congratulations to Vera Spinadel, and thank you very much for contributing your expertise to the Nexus Network Journal.