Two members of the Nexus Network Journal Editorial Board have been recently promoted within their institutions.

Board Member Ahmed Elkhateeb has been promoted to Full Professor of Architecture and Building Science in the Department of Architecture in the Faculty of Environmental Design of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Board Member João Pedro Xavier has been promoted to Associate Professor in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP), Portugal.

Many, many congratulations to Professors Elkhateeb and Xavier, and thank you very much for helping maintain the high standards of scholarship that distinguish the Nexus Network Journal !

Steve Wassell, Nexus Network Journal editorial board member and Sweet Briar College professor of mathematics has been named one of the country’s best undergraduate teachers according to The Princeton Review. Wassell is profiled in the Review’s new book, “The Best 300 Professors,” published April 3, 2012.

Steve has participated at every Nexus conference since 1998, was Guest Editor of the NNJ vol 4, no. 1 (2002) issue devoted to the Golden Section, and co-editor of the vol. 10, no. 2 (2008) issue dedicated to Palladio. He has also co-authored books with Branko Mitrovic, Kim Williams and Lionel March. See his NNJ Editorial Board webpage at

The Italian scientific news program "TGR Leonardo" aired a segment about a Nexus workshop dedicated to Leonardo's reciprocal structures.

 The "Leonardo: Architecture and Mathematics" took place in Vinci, Leonardo's birthplace, in the heart of Tuscany, in summer 2003 (the hottest summer on record in Italy). Participants included sculptor Rinus Roelofs (Netherlands), artist Mark Reynolds (USA), architects Joao Pedro Xavier (Portugal), Kim Williams (Italy), Vesna Petresin (Slovenia-UK) and her husband Laurent Paul Robert, Christopher Glass (USA), Biagio Di Carlo (Italy) and Sylvie Duvernoy (Italy), with others joining us for the construction project. The workshop was composed of a seminar, held in the Biblioteca Leonardiana in Vinci, during which participants assembled to discuss the use of geometry in the architecture of Leonardo as found in his sketchbooks, followed by the actual construction of four dome structures based upon Leonardo's system, which took place in Ponte a Egola, 14 km from Vinci. The seminar and the construction were filmed in order to produce a documentary.

It is now possible to register online for the Nexus 2012 conference, 11-14 June 2012, in Milan. The fee for those who have been accepted as conference speakers is 160 Euros if registered before 31 March, and 200 Euros if registered after.  All other participants who register before 31 March 2012 pay a reduced conference fee of 250 Euros instead of the full fee of 350 Euros to be paid for those who register between 1 April and 11 June. It is also possible to attend single days only at the conference by paying a daily fee of 100 per day on the day of participation.

The registration process online is simple: from the conference website at click on "Register". This takes you to the website of the Politecnico di Milano. Simply provide information (name, address, e-mail) to create an account, then from the menu on the left side, select "Payment". Payment can be made with most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.).

We are looking forward to a fine conference in June!

By presidential decree of November 29, 2011, the State Prize of Ukraine for Architecture for 2011 has been awarded to Radoslav Zuk, Emeritus Professor at the McGill University School of Architecture. As leader of the design team, Prof. Zuk was awarded the prize for the design of the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos in the city of Lviv.

News ZukChurch of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, Lviv, Ukraine

Radoslav Zuk participated in Nexus 2004 in Mexico City, presenting a paper entitled "From Renaissance Musical Proportions to Polytonality in Twentieth Century Architecture". He will be present once again at Nexus 2012 in Milan to discuss "Three Musical Interpretations of Le Corbusier's Modulor".

Many, many congratulations to  Architect Zuk. Nexus is proud to have such a contributor, as well as a good friend!

Nexus Network Journal contributorDirk Huylebrouck has been officially named "Mad Professor" for his experiment with a footrace run clockwise. The 400m reverse experiment took place on Friday 16 September during the Diamond League athletic meeting in Brussels.

Dirk described his interest in this way: "Actually, I became interested in this topic through architecture: why do some buildings twist to the right, others to the left? No architect ever reasoned about this, it is just done "out of the blue"... Calatrava for instance says he was inspired by the human torso for the torsion in his Malmö tower, but that only pushes the question further: why did he choose a human torso that turned to the right?

You can watch the reverse 400m on YouTube:

NNJ contributor and scholar of archaeoastronomy Giulio Magli has collaborated with CNN on a report from Giza on why the pyramids were given their particular location. The link to the video, which was broadcast world-wide on CNN on Friday, 2 September, is:

Prof. Magli, of the Politecnico di Milano, and member of the scientific committee for Nexus 2012, which will take place in Milan 11-14 June 2012, discussed this in his paper in NNJ vol. 11, no. 1 (Spring 2009). You can read his article in the Nexus Network Journal at

Congratulations to Prof. Magli for this fascinating report.

Nexus authors have been busy! I'm very pleased to send news about five new publications by authors who are part of the Nexus community.

Cover Mitrovic

Branko Mitrovic presented a paper at Nexus 2004 in Mexico City. His new book, literally hot off the press, is Philosophy for Architects (Princeton Architectural Press, August 2011, ISBN 978-56898-994-5). The influence of philosophy on architecture has been manifest for centuries. Here, Mitrovic links philosophers from Plato to Derrida to architects from Palladio to Philip Johnson. More information on the Princeton Architectural Press website.


Cover Morrison

Tessa Morrison presented a paper at Nexus 2008 in San Diego about Villalpanda's reconstruction of Solomon's Temple. Her new book, Isaac Newton's Temple of Solomon and his Reconstruction of Sacred Architecture (Birkhauser, August 2011, ISBN 978-3-0348-0045-7) shows a surprising and unexpected facet of the great scientist. The book can be previewed on the Springer Link website: click here.


Cover Jakobsen

Ivan Tafteberg Jakobsen has been an welcome participant at many Nexus conferences. His new book, ANTONI GAUDÍ. Geometrien bag arkitekturen (Matematiklærerforeningen, ISBN 978-8790996437, in Danish), is a beautifully illustrated textbook on geometry and architecture for secondary school students. More information is available here.

Cover Alberti

Mathematicians Lionel March (Nexus 2002 in Obidos and Nexus 2010 in Porto) and Stephen R. Wassell (almost as many Nexus conferences as Kim!) teamed up with Kim Williams (director of the Nexus conferences and editor-in-chief of the Nexus Network Journal) to produce The Mathematical Works of Leon Battista Alberti (Birkhauser, ISBN 978-3-0346-0473-4).
Includes translations and commentaries of Alberti's "Ex ludis rerum mathematicarum" (better known as "Ludi matematici"), "Elementi di pittura" (Elements of Painting), "De componendis cifris" (On Writing in Ciphers) and "De lunularum quadratura" (On Squaring the Lune). With a Foreword by Robert Tavernor (Nexus 2002, Obidos). The book can be previewed on Springer Link: click here.


Cover SpeiserII

David Speiser, a very active participant in the first 4 Nexus conferences, beginning in 1996, combined his career as a quantum physicist with a lifelong interest in the history of art. This new volume, Crossroads: History of Science, History of Art (Birkhauser, ISBN 978-3-0348-0138-6). A first volume of his collected essays on the history of mechanics is followed by this second collection, edited by Kim Williams, on relationships between science and art. It includes his paper "Architecture, Mathematics and Theology in Raphael's Paintings" presented at Nexus 2000 in Ferrara.  The book can be previewed on Springer Link: click here.


Congratulations to these authors! We'll be looking forward to reading reviews of these books soon in the Nexus Network Journal !