I'm very pleased to send news about two new publications by authors who are part of the Nexus community.

Marco Frascari, who presented a paper at Nexus 1998 in Mantua, has recently published Eleven Exercises in the Art of Architectural Drawing (Routledge, March 2011, ISBN 978-0-415-77926-5). Subtitled "Slow Food for the Architect's Imagination", the aim of the book is to discuss the crucial role of architectural drawings. More information can be found on the website of Taylor & Francis.



Vera Spinadel, who was also a presenter at Nexus 1998 in Mantua, has recently published two new books. From the Golden Mean to Chaos (3rd edition – Nueva Libreria – June 2010 – ISBN 978-987-1104-83-3) is an updated edition of her book published in 1997.
Forma y Matematica – La familia de numeros metalicos en diseño (Ediciones Fadu – Nobuko – 2011 – ISBN 978-987-584-319-6) contains the main post-graduate monographs to approve the seminar she has delivered every year since 2008 for  the master’s program in “logic and technics of form” – Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning – University of Buenos Aires, with the assistnace of professionals from many South American countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, etc.).



Congratulations to these authors! We'll be looking forward to reading reviews of these books soon in the Nexus Network Journal!