Nexus authors have been busy! I'm very pleased to send news about five new publications by authors who are part of the Nexus community.

Cover Mitrovic

Branko Mitrovic presented a paper at Nexus 2004 in Mexico City. His new book, literally hot off the press, is Philosophy for Architects (Princeton Architectural Press, August 2011, ISBN 978-56898-994-5). The influence of philosophy on architecture has been manifest for centuries. Here, Mitrovic links philosophers from Plato to Derrida to architects from Palladio to Philip Johnson. More information on the Princeton Architectural Press website.


Cover Morrison

Tessa Morrison presented a paper at Nexus 2008 in San Diego about Villalpanda's reconstruction of Solomon's Temple. Her new book, Isaac Newton's Temple of Solomon and his Reconstruction of Sacred Architecture (Birkhauser, August 2011, ISBN 978-3-0348-0045-7) shows a surprising and unexpected facet of the great scientist. The book can be previewed on the Springer Link website: click here.


Cover Jakobsen

Ivan Tafteberg Jakobsen has been an welcome participant at many Nexus conferences. His new book, ANTONI GAUDÍ. Geometrien bag arkitekturen (Matematiklærerforeningen, ISBN 978-8790996437, in Danish), is a beautifully illustrated textbook on geometry and architecture for secondary school students. More information is available here.

Cover Alberti

Mathematicians Lionel March (Nexus 2002 in Obidos and Nexus 2010 in Porto) and Stephen R. Wassell (almost as many Nexus conferences as Kim!) teamed up with Kim Williams (director of the Nexus conferences and editor-in-chief of the Nexus Network Journal) to produce The Mathematical Works of Leon Battista Alberti (Birkhauser, ISBN 978-3-0346-0473-4).
Includes translations and commentaries of Alberti's "Ex ludis rerum mathematicarum" (better known as "Ludi matematici"), "Elementi di pittura" (Elements of Painting), "De componendis cifris" (On Writing in Ciphers) and "De lunularum quadratura" (On Squaring the Lune). With a Foreword by Robert Tavernor (Nexus 2002, Obidos). The book can be previewed on Springer Link: click here.


Cover SpeiserII

David Speiser, a very active participant in the first 4 Nexus conferences, beginning in 1996, combined his career as a quantum physicist with a lifelong interest in the history of art. This new volume, Crossroads: History of Science, History of Art (Birkhauser, ISBN 978-3-0348-0138-6). A first volume of his collected essays on the history of mechanics is followed by this second collection, edited by Kim Williams, on relationships between science and art. It includes his paper "Architecture, Mathematics and Theology in Raphael's Paintings" presented at Nexus 2000 in Ferrara.  The book can be previewed on Springer Link: click here.


Congratulations to these authors! We'll be looking forward to reading reviews of these books soon in the Nexus Network Journal !