The Italian scientific news program "TGR Leonardo" aired a segment about a Nexus workshop dedicated to Leonardo's reciprocal structures.

 The "Leonardo: Architecture and Mathematics" took place in Vinci, Leonardo's birthplace, in the heart of Tuscany, in summer 2003 (the hottest summer on record in Italy). Participants included sculptor Rinus Roelofs (Netherlands), artist Mark Reynolds (USA), architects Joao Pedro Xavier (Portugal), Kim Williams (Italy), Vesna Petresin (Slovenia-UK) and her husband Laurent Paul Robert, Christopher Glass (USA), Biagio Di Carlo (Italy) and Sylvie Duvernoy (Italy), with others joining us for the construction project. The workshop was composed of a seminar, held in the Biblioteca Leonardiana in Vinci, during which participants assembled to discuss the use of geometry in the architecture of Leonardo as found in his sketchbooks, followed by the actual construction of four dome structures based upon Leonardo's system, which took place in Ponte a Egola, 14 km from Vinci. The seminar and the construction were filmed in order to produce a documentary.

Participants of the Leonardo workshop in Vinci

Kim Williams, organizer of the workshop, was interviewed by science journalist Silvia Rosa Brusin about the project, and the "TGR Leonardo" report was aired on 25 May 2012. Now, thanks to Chris Glass, the report is on YouTube at this link:

There is also a link to the video from the Nexus: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics Facebook page:

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