Steve Wassell, Nexus Network Journal editorial board member and Sweet Briar College professor of mathematics has been named one of the country’s best undergraduate teachers according to The Princeton Review. Wassell is profiled in the Review’s new book, “The Best 300 Professors,” published April 3, 2012.

Steve has participated at every Nexus conference since 1998, was Guest Editor of the NNJ vol 4, no. 1 (2002) issue devoted to the Golden Section, and co-editor of the vol. 10, no. 2 (2008) issue dedicated to Palladio. He has also co-authored books with Branko Mitrovic, Kim Williams and Lionel March. See his NNJ Editorial Board webpage at

His latest article, co-authored with Samantha Benito, entitled "Edge-Length Ratios between Dual Platonic Solids: A Surprisingly New Result Involving the Golden Ratio", has just appeared in Fibonacci Quarterly (vol. 50, no. 2, pp. 144-154).

All that and Steve still has so much to offer his students!  Many, many congratulations to Steve from the Nexus community!

Prof. Steve Wassell voted one of the 300 best professors!

 The Princeton Review, known for its student survey-based college rankings and annual “Best Colleges” guide, teamed up with to develop the book. Teachers and professors listed in the publication represent more than 60 fields ranging from accounting to neuroscience and 122 colleges and universities across the nation. Complete lists of the professors organized three ways (alpha by state/city/college/professor/department, alpha by professor/college/department, and alpha by department/professor/college) may be found at