The Nexus Network Journal is pleased to announce its 2020 impact factors: the 2-year IF is 0.338, while the 5-year IF is 0.541, a substantial gain over 2019. 

The impact factors for the Nexus Network Journal for 2020 are reported on the NNJ page on the Springer site (

They are:
2 YR IF 2020 0.338
5 YR IF 2020  0.514

These compare to the 2019 figures thus:
2 YR IF 2019 0.333
5 YR IF 2019  0.351
This shows a gradual gain in the 2-year impact factor and a very nice gain in the 5-year impact factor.

Other NNJ journal metrics can be viewed on SCImago: 

Many many thanks to the entire Nexus community -- especially the Editorial Board of the journal and the Scientific Committee of the conferences, the authors and the peer reviewers -- for making these outstanding results possible!