Arzu Gönenç Sorguç
Middle East Technical University
Department of Architecture
06531 Ankara TURKEY    

N2006-Sorguc"Huge", detail of Digital Design Studio project by fourth-year student Sevil Alkan.

The impact first of computational and then of information technologies has a continuous influence in every field of life for which 'changing minds' according to these new tools and media becomes an obligation. When any 'design process' is considered, the role of these technologies is more emphasized, demanding a new way of thinking, so called 'algorithmic thinking'.

It is possible to claim that most of the engineering disciplines which are heavy customers of these technologies, are also major contributors to the rapid developments observed in computational and information technologies.

The first generation Computer Aided Design Tools are now replaced by highly sophisticated design tools including all potentials of these new technologies and adapting them not only the design process but also to the construction and then product life. In these 'evolution process', the revolutionary step can be considered as 'directly designing in 3-D' instead of designing by sections and planes. Today, the 3-D solid models and 'digital mock-ups' are becoming a common practice in engineering design.

At this point, position of architecture and design process should be questioned in terms of these new technologies 'Have computers and these new technologies are really employed in design process or as a new presentation media ?

In this study, the question above is to be searched by discussing the role of mathematics in understanding these new technologies and developing algorithmic thinking in architectural design process. Then, the role of mathematics is also to be briefly discussed in designing in 3-D and developing complementary technologies for architectural design process and software architecture for architecture.

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The correct citation for this paper is:
Arzu Gönenç Sorguç, "The Role of Mathematics in the Design Process under the Influence of Computational and Information Technologies", pp. 47-56 in Nexus VI: Architecture and Mathematics, eds. Sylvie Duvernoy and Orietta Pedemonte Turin: Kim Williams Books, 2006.