Helmut Pottmann, “Architectural Geometry and Fabrication-Aware Design” (Keynote lecture)

Anna Chiara Cimoli and Fulvio Irace, "Triennial 1951: Post-War Reconstruction and 'Divine Proportion' " (Keynote lecture)

Robert Hannah, "Greek Temple Orientation: The Case of the Older Parthenon in Athens" (Keynote lecture)

Michael Ytterberg, “The Dance in the Labyrinth: The Hidden Order of Hadrian’s Villa and the Order of Modern Architecture

Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla, “The Hidden Face of the Vault: Unveiling the Expression of the Avant-Garde through the Use of the Sphere in Teposolula’s Open Chapel

Jiang Liang, Yan-qui Hu, Hui San, “The Design Evaluation of Green Space Elements of Urban Squares Based on Fractal Theory

Silvia Benvenuti, Fabio Ceccanti, Xavier De Kestelier, “Living on the Moon: Topological Optimization of a 3D-Printed Lunar Shelter

Radoslav Zuk, “Three Musical Interpretations of Le Corbusier’s Modulor

Michela Costantini, “Signs of the Eighteenth-Century Debate on the Harmonic Theory in Piedmont

Michael Ostwald, Michael Dawes, “Differentiating Between Line and Point Maps Using Spatial Experience: Richard Neutra’s Lovell House

Eliana Manuel Pinho, João Pedro Xavier, “Grid-Based Design in Roman Villas: A Method of Analysis

Branko Mitrović, “Nelson Goodman’s Arguments against Perspective

Arzu Gonenc Sorguc, Semra Arslan Selcuk, “Computational Models in Architecture: Understanding Multi-Dimensionality and Mapping

Rodrigo Garcia Alvarado, Arturo Lyon Gottlieb, Patricio Cendoya, Pedro Salcedo, Parametric Development of Variable Roof Structures with Central Supports (Tulips)

Cornelie Leopold, “Precise Experiments: Relations between Mathematics, Philosophy and Design at Ulm School of Design

Michael A. Rappenglück, “The Housing of the World: About the Significance of Cosmographic Concepts for Habitation

Marina De Franceschini, Giuseppe Veneziano, “Architecture and Archaeoastronomy in Hadrian’s Villa near Tivoli, Rome

Javier Mejuto, “Astronomical Architecture and Landscape Modification in Prehistoric Iberian Peninsula”

Manuela Incerti, “Astronomical Knowledge in the Sacred Architecture of the Middle Ages in Italy

Michele Emmer, “Minimal Surfaces and Architecture: New Forms

Andrea Casale, Graziano Mario Valenti, Michele Calvano, Jessica Romor, “Surfaces: Concept, Design, Parametric Modeling and Prototyping

Dmitri Kozlov, “Structures of Periodical Knots and Links as Geometric models of Complex Surfaces for Designing

Nicole Blanc, Bernard Parzysz, “A Puzzling Set of Stucco Ceiling Coffers from Portici: Archaeology and Mathematics Working Together