Nexus 2016 Logo Design Competition

The 2016 edition of the Nexus conference on architecture and mathematics included a competition for the logo. The conference logo will appear on the website, on all printed announcements and posters concerning the conference, and on all conference material, and a special webpage on the conference website will provide space for the winning designer to explain the concept and process behind the creation of the logo. The winning logo will also appear on the covers of the Nexus Network Journal containing the papers presented at the cnference. 

The competition description stated the following:
The logo should capture the "nexus" of architecture and mathematics, the interdisciplinary subject of the Nexus conferences. References to the conference venue in the city of Milan are also appreciated. Designers should remember that the logo design should be meaningful at a variety of scales, from full-size to thumbnail, and that it will be used on the cover of a future issue of the Nexus Network Journal (about 12 cm x 12 cm, or 5 x 5 in), and will appear online as well. Scaling the image up and down during the design phase will help the designer be sure that the logo is readable in all formats.

The Winning Design for the Nexus 2016 Logo Competition (click on the image for more details)

2016 Fresta lg

Winning design by Vincenzo Fresta


2016 Honorable Mentions (click on the images for more details)

2016 Doroudian

Design by Maryam Doroudian

2016 Varkalaite

Design by Laimute Varkalaite

Nexus 2016 Logo Design Competition submissions (click on the images for more details)

01 2016 Samper 02 2016 Croce
Albert Samper (Spain) Valeria Croce (Italy)
04 2016 Croce Montalbano 05 2016 Villela
Paolo Croce and Giammarco Montalbano (Italy) Eduardo Villela (Spain)
 06 2016 Redondo  07 2016 Sedrez
Antonia Redondo Buitrago (Spain) Maycon Sedrez (Brazil)
 08 2016 Ser blk  10 2016 Reynolds
Shaw Hong Ser (Thailand) Mark Reynolds (USA)
11 2016 Masnour 12 2016 Zabri
Sarah Masnour (Egypt) Zukhairi Ahmad Zabri (Malaysia)
 13 2016 Zabri01  14 2016 Rabasa
Zukhairi Ahmad Zabri (Malaysia) Enrique Rabasa (Spain)
15 2016 Nani 17 2016 DiPaolo Pedone
Corina Nani (Romania) Franceso di Paola and Pietro Pedone (Italy)
 18 2016 Inceoglu  19 2016 Saraf
Mehmet Inceoglu  Amol Saraf 

Past Nexus Conference logos

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